Magic Loop Heel Flap Photo Tutorial

This photo tutorial will show you how to create a heel flap in a sock using the Magic Loop Method.

The heel flap is made up of two rows:  The pattern is as follows:

Row 1:   Sl 1 (as if to purl), Knit 1 alternately across the row on odd numbered rows,

Row 2:  Sl 1 (as if to purl), purl across to end of the row on all even numbered rows.

You will be knitting flat vs in the round.  First step of the process is to bring the rear needle to the front as if to knit in the round.

Slip 1 as if to purl.
Slip 1 as if to purl.

Row 1:  Slip 1 as if to purl with working yarn in the back.  Do not purl just slip it off the needle as if to purl. Keep your working yarn in the back the entire row.

This is what it will look like after you execute Sl 1 purlwise on your working needle.
After you Sl 1 purlwise.

This is what it will look after you Sl 1 purlwise with the working needle.

Next st Knit 1
Next st Knit 1.

Knit the next st.

Knit 1.
Knit 1.

Showing the knit stitch.

Knit st executed.
Knit st executed.

This is what it should look like after you knit the stitch.

Continue to alternate Sl 1 as if to purl (keeping your working yarn to the back), K 1 to end of the row.

First row of Eye of the Partridge finished.
First row of Heel Flap finished.

This is what your first row should look like when you are at the end.  Notice the slipped sts are longer than the knit sts.  Turn your work.

Beginning of Row 2.
Beginning of Row 2.

Row 2:  Beg of the next row.

Slip 1 as if to purl.
Slip 1 as if to purl.

Row 2:  Slip the first st as if to purl.  Do not yarn over, just slip as if to purl as you did on the first st on Row 1. All even rows you want your yarn in the front.

Slip 1 as if to Purl.
Executed Slip 1 as if to Purl.

This is what the first slipped st should look like.  Next you will purl across the row to the end.

Purl across the row.
Purl across the row.

Row 2:  Purl remaining sts across row to the end.

End of Row 2
Heel Flap end of Row 2.

This is what your Row 2 should look like after purling across to the end.

Beg of Row 3.
Beg of Row 3.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 for as many rows as pattern for your size instructs you to do.

Happy Knitting!


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