Magic Loop Method Photo Tutorial

I created this photo tutorial for those new to Magic Loop as well as those that need a refresher course.  Photos will be captioned in Steps.  Written explanation can be found below each photo.

**NOTE:  You will need a minimum 36″ circular needle.  I find 40″ best yet a 36″ will do if that is all you have.**

Please feel free to ask questions, share this tutorial, and comment.

Magic Loop
Magic Loop Method Step 1:  Cast on required amount of stitches

Step 1:  Cast on quantity of stitches required.

Magic Loop Step 2
Magic Loop Step 2:  Slide stitches to center of cable on circ needles.

Step 2:  Slide cast on stitches to the middle of your circular cable.

Magic Loop Step 3
Magic Loop Step 3:  Divide stitches in half between the two needles.

Step 3:  Divide the cast on stitches in half. For the size I am knitting I cast on 56 sts using the long tail cast on.  Half of 56 is 28.  Count the sts to the halfway mark.  Squeeze the cable together and gently pull the cable away from the sts.  This action will move the sts up the cable toward the needles.  Gently push the sts to the needle tips making sure none slip off the tips.  The working yarn needs to be in the rear for Magic Loop knitting.  Holding the two needles firmly together rotate your hand 180 degrees away from your body.  Magically the working yarn is now on the rear needle!

Magic Loop Step 4
Magic Loop Step 4: Proper working yarn position for Magic Loop Method.

Step 4:  This is what your needles and proper working yarn position will look like after you rotate your hand away from your body 180 degrees.

Executing first st on front needle
Magic Loop Step 5:  Executing first st on front needle

Step 5:  While firmly holding the needles together gently pull the rear needle forward until you have enough cable to ensure reaching the first stitch on front needle easily.

Magic Loop Step 6:  Executing First Stitch on Front Needle.

Step 6:  Make sure your working yarn is going over your working needle.  Insert tip of working needle into the front loop of the first stitch on Front Needle, wrap yarn around your working needle, pull yarn through loop and slip st off front needle.  First stitch executed!

Magic Loop Step 7:  Purl Stitch

Step 7:  Insert your working needle into the second stitch on front needle from back to front, wrap working yarn around working needle, pull through the stitch and let purl stitch fall off working needle.  Nothing different about the purl st in Magic Loop unless it is the beginning st of a round.

**NOTE:  If a purl stitch is the first stitch of a round you want the working yarn under the working needle, the opposite of beginning a knit stitch.

Magic Loop Step 8: 1x1 Ribbing to End of Needle 1.
Magic Loop Step 8: 1×1 Ribbing to End of Needle 1.

Step 8:  Continue in 1×1 ribbing to end of first needle (Needle 1).

Magic Loop Step 9: End of Needle 1
Magic Loop Step 9: End of Needle 1

Step 9:  You are now at the end of Needle 1 or the Front Needle.  To get your working yarn in the correct position again rotate your needles counter clockwise, working yarn is now at the rear again. Gently work the unworked stitches onto the front needle.  You may gently pull the cable away from you while pushing the needle toward the unworked stitches.  You are now ready to knit the second half of your cast on stitches.

Magic Loop Step 10: Repeat Step 5
Magic Loop Step 10: Repeat Step 5

Step 10:  To begin the remainder of the round, ensure your working yarn is over your working needle, insert into the first st on front needle through the front loop and execute knit st.

Magic Loop Step 6: Purl Stitch
Magic Loop Step 11: Purl Stitch

Step 11:  Repeat Step 6 and continue to end of needle in 1×1 ribbing.

Magic Loop Step 12: End of Round!
Magic Loop Step 12: End of Round!

Step 12:  Congratulations, you have now completed Round 1 using the Magic Loop Method!  Continue following your pattern directions to the heel.  I will post a photo tutorial for the heel flap, turning the heel, etc.

Happy Sock Knitting!

Special Note:  You can use the Magic Loop method for sleeves, mitts, just about any small item requiring dpn’s.  I have found this method is not suitable for larger projects i.e., children’s and adult sized hats.


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