Watch “OFFICIAL Jamberry Nails Application Video” on YouTube

OFFICIAL Jamberry Nails Application Video:

This is shared for an IG contact asking how I get my nail shields to last up to 10 days before beginning to lift.  Here is how I do it.  I also add a step before the alcohol nail wipes I use 100% acetone polish remover prior to the alcohol wipes. 

These are a great product as there is no caustic smell, no drying time, and when applied EXACTLY as instructed even oily nails can enjoy prettiness for a fair amount of days.


Each 1 matters

My across-the-Country from me friend, Mel S and her daughter have come up with an excellent idea and program for children in their home region. I am sharing it because I would love my readers and followers to participate in heloing fund this wonderful program.


If you dropped a stitch in your knitting you might not know it right away… but it would matter, don’t you think?

Imagine a beautiful swath of luscious cashmere stockinette working up oh! so beautifully.

As you look down you see 2 stitches, here and there…unraveling…

You would notice where the stitch was dropped and you’d feel frustrated and maybe a bit bummed.

What if you think of those dropped stitches as kids who are missing a secure environment to share and create…

Just like fixing a dropped stitch, there are ways for each dropped kid to be noticed, picked up, lifted row by row by row.

We each have the power to reach 1. We can do it in different ways.

Over here at our hale (casa, abode, home…) we plan to take a night twice a month for starters to invite girls who could use attention, love and a…

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