Apparently I Messed Up

Evidently when I posted my entry back in mid-January it did not post. On top of that unfortunately it did not save to drafts.  I shall begin over again.  Thank you for your patience. 

Let me catch you all up to date for now. Currently I am test knitting for a designer her new sweater design.  It is a lovely quick knit.  I found I knit the sleeves a bit longer than the pattern called for, however, they fit me well so I am leaving them the current length so I can scrunch them up a bit like I like to do.  The designer did say we can make the sleeves longer if we would like so technically I am not modifying the pattern. I also test knit a cowl for a published designer, Claudia Barbo, that turned out lovely and I am looking forward to being able to knit one for myself after the pattern is publicly published! The former test knit mentioned I keep the sweater and pattern and used yarn from my stash.  The latter test knit mentioned yarn and pattern were provided and I was paid (LYS gift card loaded with payment) for my time knitting; remaining yarn was returned to designer.  The cowl I knit was also turned into the LYS as a sample. 

All in all the test knitting is an exciting new feature in my knitting world! I enjoy it immensely.  Most recently I received information I have “made the grade” to test knit for one of my favorite people and designers, Mel Schoenwether, for one of her newest designs.  Now that is huge to me! I said to my husband, “Yes, I am THAT good!”

On another front, I have conquered my fear of Tunisian Crochet and finished my first small project.  I call it “Doggus” as it is a small scarflette for our Teacup Chihuahua, Aryanna.  I am including a photo of her modeling her scarflette.  I took the pattern Cattus and modified it a bit making it my own.  That is the one issue I do have with test knitting, I have to make a conscious effort to not modify and knit as the pattern describes and instructs.  I digress, however, I thought it turned out fairly well. 


Happy knitting all.  Now to return to my test knitting and catch up on a few things around my home!