New Pattern! Original Design.

Hello Everyone!
I have missed being a part of your crafting time for much too long at this point.  I decided to create a new pattern for your enjoyment.  I offer this as not only a free pattern but the option to make these multi-wrap bracelets as gift ideas but for sale in local shops as well in your region.  I do request those residing in Whatcom County, WA refrain from placing them for sale.  Feel free to modify the pattern but please give me credit for the original pattern design when selling even modified versions of this pattern.  Pretty easy, huh?!

[Original Design ]image[Multi-Wrap Knitted Bead Embellished Bracelet]

With no further adieu I give you the Knitted Multi-Wrap Bracelet Pattern:

Knitted Wrap Bracelet

Left over lace or fingering yarn at least 25 yds
8/0 or 6/0 beads (approx 5 grams)
Dental Floss Threader
Tapestry needle

Size 2 or 3 Dpns for fingering weight yarn
Size 1 or 2 Dpns for lace weight yarn

**Prestring more beads than you need.  I strung 1/2 the tube of beads.

**Slide beads down yarn to make room for knitting without beads for a few rows.


CO 6 sts using long tail co.
Rows 1-6: Knit
Row 7:  K 1, K2tog, K2togtbl, K 1
Row 8:  K 2, slide beads up, K next stitch, K 1
Row 9:  K across
Row 10: K 2, slide beads up, K next stitch, K 1
Row 11:  K across

Repeat Rows 10 and 11 until bracelet is 1 inch shorter than final length you desire.

I-Cord Loop Closure:
Set up Row:  On a Right side row: K 1, K 1, bo previous st, K 1, K 1, bo previous st, K 1

Row 1: Slide all sts to opposite end of dpn, K across
Row 2: Slide sts to opposite end again, K across
Repeat this process until loop goes over button with a bit of work fitting snugly.
Attach button at opposite end.  Wear and enjoy!!!

A video tutorial will be posted in the near future to assist you in creating these. Any questions you may have between now and the time it is up here please feel free to ask in the comment section.


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