Felting by Hand

I finished knitting a coin purse to be felted.  The choice was machine or felt by hand.  I chose to felt by hand as I’d never done so before.  If you’ve never felted by hand before I recommend you try it with a small project such as this. 

First I ran very hot water into a large bowl filling it approx 1/3 full.  I used a Tupperware bowl that will hold an extra large potato or pasta salad.  I added approx 1/8 of a teaspoon of Eucalan to the water as I filled the bowl with the hot water.

I soaked the coin purse for 10 minutes to saturate the fibers well.  Next is the fun and somewhat messy part of the process.  Holding the coin purse in both your hands, use a scrubbing action to agitate the fibers causing it to felt.  I will say this, if you have any arthritic or fibromyalgia this part will be a bit painful for you.  I experienced a significant amount of pain for the first few minutes then grew in tolerance.  I did rest at regular intervals as well.  It took me approx 20 minutes of agitating to achieve the results I was looking for.


One challenge I found was the top was not felting as I wanted it to.  I wondered if a fork could be used in place of a felting needle and I quickly discovered it can indeed be; it works rather well in fact.  Simply stab the area quickly with the tines and while it takes a little bit to achieve felting it works well.

Remember to cold rinse after it is felted to the size you are satisfied with.  Set aside in a safe place to dry.  Finish off project with whatever sewing or embellishments you wish.